Knock! Knock! Enviable Decorative Door Knockers

Your neighbor’s got it all, right? The house, the car, the entertainment center, the yard – all the stuff that spells success and strikes envy deep in your heart. But what about his door knocker? Is it up to snuff? Is it enviable material? This just might be an area where you can one up him. If you lack inspiration in the door knocker department, check out the examples offered below. If they do not inspire you, then you might as well go ahead and call your neighbor the winner in this category as well.

Go Gothic

Add a bit of medieval authority to your home with an imposing gothic-style knocker. Gothic architecture is represented in the commanding, awe-inspiring style of many old cathedrals, abbeys, palaces and town halls of old Europe. While not the friendliest looking knocker, this snake knocker will definitely add interest to any door.

serpent door knocker(Source:

If striking terror in the heart of your visitors is more your cup of tea, check out this scary looking knocker from East Sussex. It might just make that salesman think twice before knocking at your door!

Needful Things - Door Knocker(Source: Dominic Alves)

Give it a Hand

Hand-shaped knockers seem to have been quite popular in days gone by. They do offer a unique twist on more traditionally-shaped (and boring) knocker options. Although some of the hand options out there lean toward the cute and whimsical like this one in Carcassonne, France

Door knocker II Carcassonne(Source: Stepheye)

… others look a bit more grotesque, offering the appearance of a dismembered hand hung up as a warning, as seen below.

portugal door knocker(Source: hottholler)

Roar into Style

For many, hearing the words “door knocker,” brings the image of a lion head to mind. For whatever reason, the massive feline has long been a popular design element on doors. Whether it was simply because of its imposing features or some other deeper meaning behind the use of a lion’s head, countless doors feature variations of the flowing mane, intense gaze and large mouth of a lion.

Lion door knocker(Source: grongar)

Say it with Animals

From owls to turtles, snakes to cats, animals are often prominent features on door knockers. Some people seem to prefer a cute and friendly appearance, others go for traditional and still others go for creatures with a bit of fierceness. Again, it is all about the style that fits the individual personality or creates the desired message. This owl knocker is a middle-of-the-road traditional-type knocker:

Owl Door Knocker(Source: Cindy Funk)

Make ‘em Smile

Walk up to a door with this impish knocker on it, and you are sure to smile no matter what your mood may be.

funny door knocker(Source: zimpenfish)

Something about this knocker can change your mood and make you laugh, perhaps making life easier for the inhabitants of the house – guests can leave their sour attitudes outside!

Say it with Flowers

Yes, even your door knocker can have a floral message befitting your lovely garden or offering maintenance-free floral beauty to your home. This particular knocker is somewhat austere for a flower but still brings a touch of nature to your doorway.

Door-knocker Provençal (in Seguret)(Source: Jay Bergesen)

Keeping with Tradition

Of course, door knockers don’t have to be interesting, pretty or frightening. This elegant brass ring knocker, though somewhat plain in comparison to the above examples, certainly gets the job done. However, installing this type of knocker on your door may not lead to too much neighbor envy.

gold door knocker(Source: Mike GL)

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