Safe-Cracking Movies; 3-7-1-2 of Them

Safecracking is a highly-skilled job that involves getting into a safe without access to either the combination or the key, usually for illegal reasons. Certain methods are used so as to not harm the safe and ensure the removal of all contents. Other methods, such as blowing up the safe, defeat the whole point of trying to get into the safe in the first place. Here are a few movie combinations revolving around this fine-tuned “art.”

3-Safecracking Comedies

No Deposit, No Return – Two children hold themselves for ransom in this comedy film with the help of two inept criminals, a safecracker named Duke, and his bumbling sidekick.

no depoist no return movie

Who’s Minding the Mint? – Harry Lucas, who works at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, accidentally walks off with (and destroys) $50,000. He hires a gang of people, including safecracker Dugan, to help him break in and reprint the missing money.

minding the mint

The Cracksman – An honest locksmith who can’t resist the challenge of a picking a lock gets involved in a safecracking scheme. Finding himself being manipulated by two different gangs, he works with an undercover police officer to trap the crooks.

the cracksman

7-Action/Adventure in Safecracking

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot – Clint Eastwood stars as bank robber “Thunderbolt” and gets picked up by Lightfoot while hiding from his gang that thinks he double-crossed them. They get caught by the gang and plan another heist.

thunderbolt and lightfoot

Die Hard – Bruce Willis plays NYC police officer John McClane and has to fight off a gang of organized criminals who attempt to rob a vault under the guise of terrorism by holding hostages, one of whom is McClane’s wife.

die hard

Ocean’s Eleven – Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his close friend Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) recruit a team of eleven people to help rob three different casinos simultaneously.

ocean eleven

The Score – Robert De Niro plays master safecracker Nick Wells who, before retiring from his illegal activities, decides to pull one last heist of a French scepter by filling a safe with water and explosives to blow off the door.

the score

The Safecracker – An honest lock expert turned safecracker gets caught by Scotland Yard and exchanges some of his prison time for a job cracking a safe that contains information on Nazi agents in Britain.

the safecracker

You Only Live Twice – In the fifth James Bond movie, starring Sean Connery, Agent 007 is sent to Japan to investigate the disappearance of a manned spacecraft from orbit during the Cold War.

you only live twice

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – James Bond movie number six, this one follows Bond as he tries to stop a man who holds the world’s food supply hostage until his demands are met.

on her majesty's secret service

1-Redeemed Thief

A Retrieved Reformation – Based on the O. Henry short story, the film (also called Alias Jimmy Valentine) follows safecracker Valentine who, after being released from jail, returns to his life of crime until he meets the daughter of the town’s banker. He then decides to give up his old ways, settle down, and become a respectable citizen.

alias jimmy valentine

2-Jewel Thieves

The Asphalt Jungle – A team of jewel thieves just out of prison hires a crooked lawyer to help fence jewels. However, in blowing up the safe, they set off alarms that bring the cops in after them.

the asphalt jungle

Rififi – A jewel thief who is out on the streets after a five-year prison sentence eventually agrees to another jewel heist after discovering his old girlfriend has become involved with the leader of a rival gang.


No matter the method of safecracking, these movies are sure to please the most diehard action and adventure fan.

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