The World’s Most Exotic Guard Dogs

The practice of keeping dogs for personal protection has been common for centuries. However, not all dogs are equal when it comes to their ability to protect. Without a doubt, an ankle-biting dachshund will never be quite as effective as a menacing doberman pincer. What’s more, while many think of guard dogs as being limited to a few breeds, there are actually several exotic breeds from around the world that are just as capable of loyalty and protection.

Check out these astounding guard dog breeds from around the world.


KomondorPhoto by Pets Adviser

Known for its long, dreadlock-like fur, which is actually quite clean and waterproof, the komondor does not appear to be much of a guard dog. However, this breed’s speed, nimbleness, and history in cattle wrangling make it the perfect candidate for personal protection.

Between its height and thick fur, the Komondor appears quite large and intimidating. Intruders will think twice before they cross this breed!


kuvaszPhoto by Kamil Szewczyk

This breed has deep roots in the Hungarian countryside, where it was used for personal protection and to guard livestock. The kuvasz’s loyalty and protective behavior towards its owner are both very strong. In fact, this dog is so aggressive toward family threats that it was searched for and killed by German soldiers during World War II.

Due to their purposeful extermination, the Hungarian kuvasz almost went extinct during the war. But, thanks to a few diligent breeders, it has been repopulated.


puliPhoto by Anita Ritenour

A smaller version of the komondor, the puli has similar origins and heredity. The main difference between the puli and the komondor is their coloring. Almost all pulis are black, while almost the entirety of komondors are white.

Since they have such similar physical and behavioral traits, potential owners are left to use only the factors of size and color to make their decision.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo_argentinoPhoto via Wikimedia Commons

By far the toughest breed on the list, the dogo argentino looks like it spends most of its time in the gym, working on its solid, muscular build. Sadly, the reason for this breed’s muscularity is that it was often used in competitive dog fighting.

Eventually, the dogo argentino’s strength was brought back into use for its original purpose – to hunt big game and provide personal protection. In fact, the breeder who was primarily responsible for cultivating the genetics of the dogo argentino was in search of a dog with extreme loyalty, strength, and bravery. Judging from the breed we know today, he most certainly succeeded.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

rhodesian_ridgebackPhoto by Ruben Edelman

Originally bred to assist in hunting lions, this African breed is intelligent, loyal, and cautious toward new people. The most noticeable physical feature of the rhodesian ridgeback is the disturbance in the fur on its for which it’s named. On the back of each dog, there is a type of cowlick running from the base of the neck to the lower back.

Having a casual, unassuming look, the rhodesian ridgeback is perfect for someone seeking personal protection dog with an exotic, yet toned down, appearance.

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