Why You Need a Professional to Assist You in Preventing Home Invasions

Relying on just a regular lock and key for your home and family’s safety? Take a look at these startling videos.

This brave woman’s nanny cam caught a brutal home invasion as she desperately sought to protect her toddler who was cowering on the couch. The perp has since been caught, and lets all hope he gets what is coming to him.

Perpetrators don’t care about niceties like knocking nor do they pay much attention to locked doors.

Home video surveillance systems? We can help with that.

Motion sensors? We’ve got those covered, too.

Too easy for these two to just walk in. We’ve got better lock systems.

We can give you advice on travel safes that will prevent thefts like this.

We can stop door kick-ins.

We can tell you how to have an neighborhood watch program that actually works.

Windows can be safely secured and protected in many ways so this doesn’t happen to you.

We have door security that will make losing your key a non-issue.

A complete system, rather than a partial system, would benefit home owners like these.

For malicious break-ins such as this, where harm is intended, we can help you find more ways to protect yourself if you are not comfortable with firearms.

For more sophisticated robberies with malicious intent, we know how to help you.

Kudos to this young woman who stayed alert when her place of work was invaded, measured the situation, stayed in control, and helped to nab the thief!

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