How to Easily Conceal Your Valuables From Intruders

If you’re not prepared to sink thousands of dollars into a home safe, there are other options for concealing your valuables. Although nothing can match the security of a safe, these clever hiding spots can still do a pretty good job. Thieves don’t spend much time in a house, and they don’t like to do much digging to find theft-worthy items. So if you can tuck away your valuables in areas or objects that are undesirable and mundane, you’ll be well on your way to keeping them safe.

Try these ingenious hiding spots for your valuables:

Hide Them Away in a Child’s Room

IMG_2413Photo by Lynn-Anne Bruns

The last place a burglar will look for items of value is a child’s room. Children’s rooms are typically filled with toys, clutter, and other miscellaneous things that are unattractive to burglars.

Consequently, your child’s room makes for the perfect hiding spot for valuables. Find a nook or cranny in your child’s room that’s out of their reach and inconspicuous to visitors, and you can be confident that the valuables you store there are unlikely to be found.

Store Them in Nondescript Household Item Containers

Burglars aren’t interested in your household cleaners or pantry items. That’s why so many folks like to hide extra cash, jewelry, and so on inside emptied containers of average household items.

Toss some scrap gold in an empty Pringles can, or put your emergency cash in a plastic bag tucked in an old sack of flour. The possibilities really are endless.

Purchase a Book Safe

secretsafebooks_etsyPhoto via SecretSafeBooks on Etsy

Hollowed out books have long been thought of as neat hiding places for secret items and valuables. But now you can take that idea one step further with a custom made book safe. Many retailers now sell small safes disguised as books. These tricky compartments can be stored alongside your existing home library, and passersby will be none the wiser.

Install a Dummy Wall Socket

This hiding technique is probably the most secure on the list. There are several retailers who sell false electrical outlets, which can be installed in your home and packed with valuables. If you feel comfortable doing some minor cutting into your wall, this hiding spot is likely to never be found out.

Make a Stash in an Old VHS Tape

IMAG0483Photo via windthoek on Flickr

VHS is an all but dead technology. As a result, burglars couldn’t care less about finding a pile of old VHS tapes in a home, which makes them the perfect place to hide away valuables.

Find some old VHS tapes, preferably ones without movies or popular programs on them, and start stashing. For added camouflage, write titles on the outside of the tapes to make them look like home movies, or something equally boring. Intruders won’t think twice when they pass them up and move on to the next room.

These five spots are just a few of the many possible places you could conceal valuables in your home. It it appears worthless and unappealing on the outside, and would require too much time and effort for a burglar to investigate, it’s probably a good spot.

Feel free to leave your favorite spots to hide valuables in the comments below. Just don’t spread the word too far. We don’t want the bad guys to catch on!

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