Why You Should Own a Home Safe

The best defense against burglary is top-notch security. But top-notch security doesn’t stop at your home’s exterior. Of course, it’s important to secure the perimeter of your home as best as you can, however, having a second line of defense for the valuables on the inside of your home is just as important. This is why every home should have a safe. There are certain items that should stay locked away at all times, and there is no safer place for them, not even a safe deposit box, than in a safe in your own home.

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If you are contemplating the purchase of a safe for your home, consider these benefits and advantages.

Easy Access to Important Documents

The necessity to lock away sensitive documents is a given in home security. However, many people secure these documents in a safe deposit box where they can’t easily be referenced.

With a home safe, you can access your important documents whenever you need them, and they’ll stay just as safe, probably safer, than they would in a safe deposit box.

Gun Safety

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If you are a gun owner, there is absolutely no excuse not to have a home safe. Even if you just own a small handgun and a couple boxes of ammo, a small safe is a mandatory gun accessory. This is not a safety measure to take lightly. Safe gun storage can be the difference between life and death.

More Security Than a Safe Deposit Box

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We alluded to it above, and now we’re just going to come out and say it. Bank safe deposit boxes are not an acceptable substitute for a home safe. Although they are located within the walls of a banking institution, they are not FDIC insured, and the usual homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover items being stored in them. So if a flood or other natural disaster were to affect your bank, you would be uncovered for any damage to valuables being stored there.

Most safes can protect against flooding, fire, and burglary, making them an attractive alternative to safe deposit boxes.

Identity Protection

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Not only does a home safe allow you to easily access your sensitive personal documents, it aids in keeping your identity safe by keeping them locked away. Your family’s birth certificates and social security cards, along with any other documents containing sensitive personal information, should be stored in a home safe to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Identity theft, although non-violent, brings a crushing burden upon its victims. Keeping your sensitive documents secure is the key to avoiding identity theft.

These are just a few of the many benefits and advantages of owning a personal safe. Don’t let your security measures stop at the outside of your home. Take care of your valuables by adding an extra layer of protection with a home safe.

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